How Propel Advance learning was born....

So excited to be hosting our very first event here in Brooklyn, NY. It all started when someone mentioned to me "are you familiar with the PEAK Assessment Training?" I said no, and then the googling started. I got onto my computer and did research on the PEAK Assessment Training; I was intrigued. I was ready to fly to Las Vegas or drive to Virginia to attend. The only problem was that they were both on a Friday and since I am a Sabbath observer that wouldn't work for me. I called my friend and asked her "Do you think we can bring her down to Brooklyn?". She was on it. within a week she had emailed her if she's available, and we set the date- January 6th and 7th with Dr. Megan Miller PhD, BCBA-D LBA. Then the marathon began...Book a hall, advertise, and myriads of other details that are involved in hosting a Conference. WE ARE BEYOND THRILLED TO BE HOSTING THIS TRAINING. Stop dillydallying and Register before it's too late.

Looking forward to greeting you personally! 

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